Tuesday, June 10, 2014


hope, faith, belief .... are some of the many ways that keep people pursuing their objectives.... of course the need is the outmost compelling trigger that enhances your strength. What if the need has external causes, and are driven to achieve less noble  targets? What if the need isn't really a need, but a mere greed; What if the world was ruled in the same wrong direction, and anyone (societies) couldn't see, because was accepted almost as dogma, as been told so by the current leaders.... too philosophic? perhaps....
perhaps i'm wrong.

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Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G,

Well, need is a driver to work, to build something. But greed can be linked to "want, desire" and that is the root of suffering since one is willing to do whatsoever to achieve the wants and desires (including hurting other fellow humans), which can cause a karmic knots for several life cycles to come - too spiritual?

Hope is a necessary driver as well. But discussing it now would take me forever. Anyway, my hopes that the Portuguese National Team wins the Cup is very slim right now...if they keep it up, I will have to take solace in the Italian National Team....oh the humiliation! lol :)