Friday, July 11, 2014

Arbeit machts .... Arbeit mach nichts

Work, labour, job ...  does it really make on us a purpose?
Since ever men had to face challenges in order to sustain itself and in time learned to apply
its knowledge to get profit about it; initially with goods exchanges and latter by means of time measurement, and  specialized applied working force... (W=fxd [Joule])...
So does work, gives you purposes, and strength to carry on, helps you to get focused on your life (and mundane) objectives, makes you independent, or a prisoner, gives you an everyday burden?
 Are we near from the 80's kraftwerk "we are the robots" or from the tom petty  "free fallin"?  ....
We are just vague sand in a sudden wind blow... so how much your work absorves you?

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