Thursday, August 7, 2014


Much i've been telling about essential values that should make part of our lives, or deeper .. written in our DNA. Unfortunately there are purposely awful mistakes and misunderstandings that keep the world constantly beating itself for some of the same challenges. the early 20s crisis took some of its causes from political and economic power and greed. Although todays markets interdependency and business speed are definitely a key to prospect and foresight, one must not comprise society stability based on fast and extremely high return rates. What makes a market truly volatil is in my opinion the undefinition and lack of insight  key regulations. Undefinition, because of the obscurant products and how they are achieved (does an end justify the means???). This can get expression in every market, but it gets clearer when it comes to financial systems/ products. We can negociate statistical products that are only numbers, no added value here, and no one seems to deeply control it. So there's a black thick cloud where some gets access and makes unimaginable fortunes. Please notice that i'm not against huge fortunes, i'm against corruption in any kind and shape to obtain it, and in the way to make such fortunes that innocents must be sacrificed for the sake of a bunch of thieves. Every average bank deals with offshore accounts to launder toxic (poisonous i may say) deals, funds hence financial products, and bankers who own it have their assets safely hidden in several countries... So where is regulation for these cases? Although this is widely "accepted", politicians are very tied to this matter and so the system hypocrisy and promiscuity doesn't allow to go much further than the state of art. Is just not fair that so many people and nations are sacrificed in the name of GREED. I cant believe that there were toxic assets in some banks (Lehman Brothers, Greek banks, Bank of Scotland, BPN, BES, BPP), because they all practice the same game and deal with the same procedures.... if they are all toxic... lets contain them and spray a bit over their heads so at least they can regain a bit of consciousness....

So here it goes.... again!