Friday, October 3, 2014


We've been watching interesting evolution throughout the years, but none, yet, have
been capable to answer the ultimate(s) human desires, which can typically possibly be....

who's the creator
where do we came from
where do we heading to
can we live forever
are we "alone" in the universe
... and much other

of course and although there are lots of multi level research, it all serves the purpose of cumulative experiences towards awareness (i think) and to keep us also distracted during our small but hopefully interesting journey.

We are so small regarding all universe events, that makes me feel annoyed watching everyday world news or mundane events. I understand that societies are complex and overlap these "tiny" pseudo philosophic questions.
We live in a engineered world as seen by Messer Leonard Da Vinci, but ready to be sold at any cost, with strength of the Marketing (well oiled up) machines;

I can effortly live by the rules in which our average societies so far conquered or evoluted to, but that doesn't mean i can't go on and keep question it, or even propose to modified it, although everyone has to realise that when it comes to it..... the basic laws stand i.e. we are just in raw state jungles, and no philosophy questions apply. Knowledge is everything as i've stated before...

at the end..... and surely mostly.... who gives a F$€$ ?

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