Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The question about design,  I may say, it's about its objectives... design of politics, strategy, process, methods, auto, furniture .....whatever; And one point that remains transversal to it all, is creativity, rather being towards functional or "look" purpose.
What happens is that nowadays there's, in my opinion for sure, much more looks purposes than functional ones. So i could simply conclude that the lack of creativity lead the reasonable thoughts towards the looks and not the functions, having actual politics as example , a lot of it are just fait divers, fireworks. But what has constrained creativity? Does environment issues influence the way to inpower creation hence design ? Sure it does. Surrounding factors do influence the way our thoughts flow rather being noisy or not. So the way a country is being directioned, can be strategically leaded regardless the amount of noisy, or foggy "stuff" ?  So do designers, should be and stay as much as possible independent from the "world"? Perhaps, if that conducts to inspiring thoughts.... and that should be treasured, as i see it, it doesn't occur so often... look at europe for instance....