Monday, December 29, 2014

CASTLES - a little thought

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Friday, December 19, 2014

Word (wordossaurius).... the values extinction

"you have my word"
"lets handshake"
"i promise..."

This could have several readings, and of course everyone (depending on its environment)
has its own conception, but to keep it simple, although it can have different contexts,
i'm referring to the business one... its incredible how easy it is nowadays, to change commitments under the promise, or the "word" for it..... so it is worth very little.... even from the people that you can actually know, for instance friends.... (or supposed ones)....
yes to those ones who like to stab each other in the back....guess what? you can go all to mars, or to the Mariana Trench!
At the end the result is pretty much the same, which is the break of commitment....I guess its alike in any picture.... politics ... deals.... you name it.... of course its a jungle.... but i hate to see "predators eating their own cubs"..... watch your back...

Monday, December 8, 2014

Bubble breaker

i just remember when bubbles only represented to me summer water soap cups and with it to make floating empty thoughts which could fly high and high..... though it has been a time since that has happened, the bubbles seem to perpetue under several shapes. Lets take Roubini "Doom" analyst bubble.... according his own predictions,  2016 will be the stock  market crash year... because of the public debt "thought" that flown so high that, as other bubbles, it explodes in stratosphere. Is difficult to accept, but the gears just rolled free, there's possibly no mechanism that can oppose to the path of a crash... (personally i thought that it would happen sooner).
So, how to grow GDP in such a way that you could sustainably spare, to pay debt, or how to create enough commodities as royalties that you don't need to increase production, but rather only recognized added value for what you've already have, in the short term? I really can't figure how, but the "wild card" named corruption (the lack of it, actually) would certainly produce strong results in the most severe foresights / scenarios.
At the end, all "PIGS" or not, like to play in their own mud....