Monday, January 26, 2015

EU ( means I in Portuguese )

New changes on the way, as new thinkers get inpowered. (lets take Greek example)
What is the meaning of such changes? what will this bring to people?
I really don't have a formed opinion about Syriza (far left wing greek party); for what
i've seen in the news, i'm not very keen on someone that promises to break international
One could question if present economy models are society/state sustainable,
or deeper, if markets should control much of societies (this is just a personal conviction) .... but...
couldn't there be some new good ideas to make persons independent of such exploiters?

My true billion dollar question would be "what would be a credible alternative, that could develop economy without jeopardizing people's wishes and requirements?" - well, this would demand at least an honest answer.

I believe that this will have repercussions on EU countries, some early followers will have their chance to call themselves to the process where some populism will prevail, nevertheless of the major buzzwords they have.
Austerity has many faces.... if by one side there are public/private overweight on spending, over credit, by the other controlling institutions, markets, banks and other .... let this happen and it was under the legal umbrella. This promiscuous relation between give and take should be balanced ....
Well mentalities have to change....current rules are not enough and sin for being arrested by old fashioned models.
I vote favourably for economic development to achieve peoples wishes (general growth, better wages, employment, education, healthcare, protection to unprotected elderly, children and disabled), but no citizen should be arrested for its supposed good demands.
Watching the overall scene and  north european countries behaviour.... more then ever EU will have the Portuguese meaning of "I", the selfish optic side of the europeans.... which in fact is the opposite of what the European project should be..... as i've said before true leaders wanted.....badly!

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