Thursday, August 27, 2015


For all the athletes out here that train 6 -8h / day, but, above all, leave every sweat drop in the field, fighting for a goal, in a clean fashion, my congrats.

Specially for this Portuguese triple jumper NELSON EVORA, Olympic Beijing gold medalist 2008 that has been, unfortunately due to several injuries and surgical  interventions out of its top world best.  But after a 7 year hard path he have reached one more podium, a lesson to be learned and put in action by many.

Training and fighting for goals is important, but mindset is also key to achieve hard targets, as in sport as in common life.

Congrats NELSON ÉVORA, a true example in sport,
see you in 2016 BRASIL Olympics fighting for the podium again!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Friday, August 14, 2015

Desire ?

Mainstream wanted citizen wishes, as mundane desires, most surely lead to emptiness; no wonder there are so many shallow short thought, with no ideal to (at least) follow.

But now i'll just shut up, and go to another party, in some private paradise island, flying private jet airplane, where i'll have my DB10 Aston Martin waiting, using my "spero lucem" watch, suited in by De La Renta, and unsuited by a lot ... most probably i'll not know a single soul in the next day and be alone the rest of that day... fortunately i've made some businesses and met some presidents.... until the next party.

here are some 80's.....

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Eyes wide shut

Is such an hypocrisy, what is happening in the world: lets take these latest refugees scenario; there should be a strong unison voice (at least from Europe), that would allow by one side help migrants despair, and the other to maintain peace, democratic values and overall countries sustainability.  This is happening and ignoring it, won't solve the present issues and future unbalance  problems. Of course no one want's its economical or social situation being damaged by unsolved foreign problems, of curse no one wants terrorism enter in their homes, of course anyone wants the sense of security with its rights (and duty's) kept..... but, are we not living in the same planet? Leaders and citizens have simultaneously the responsibility to search for solutions and to show what anyone's true desires are.
Anyway... first things first, when international institutions and countries have the political and economical will, preserving the citizen /human being requirements and hence rights, then the root of the question will start to get an answer, but time is getting consumed; Doing nothing and let each of the countries solve these problems by themselves, surely will not be an answer.