Tuesday, October 27, 2015


#WHO has published an alert over meat..... processed, red..... etc


this will be an ax on the fast food chains and general animal production

nowadays food represents one of the key factors for citizens health influence, either for the best or worse; We all know that society has demanded quantity rather than quality....
Quantity for the lots humans to be fed and also at an affordable price....  though its redundancy..... this has a price...
Chemicals, antibiotics  are abundant in intensive animal (either meat or fish) production and growing and general food production (ADN modified cereals.... golden rice.... #monsanto etc.); though in EU there are lots of regulations and control, we all know that there are always 'someone'  escaping from the regulatory , usually benefiting markets rather than citizens. Sorry, but i don't trust in the results made by regulatory institutions and their standards as an whole.

Of course that Economy will be affected upon these news, there must be somehow some balance and diversification (as in finance products, if you will..)

One preventive measure would be clarification about the information that get to the citizens at e.g. the packages....which usually are misinformed. "Made in EU" is simply not enough, besides, there are lots of schemes and scams in order to get the 'Made in EU' stamp, where doubtful entities create fiscal offices and import all or almost all of their production from out of regulation countries (or less demanding ones).

I will continue to eat meat but surely with an added view to balance, having in mind that there's a lot in "steak"....

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