Friday, April 21, 2017


French elections are here.... in three days...
an act of terrorism snicked, and messed up the statistics.
what to think?
will be terrorism part of our european major decisions or strategic paths etc.
could be terrorism only a politic and economic agenda, serving diverse purposes with no head but multiple tentacles ?

surely that europeans should be aware, and really care for their sovereignty;
 for that it would be necessary a common strategy where most of the citizens identify themselves with such strategy.... but primarily it must be nurtured, matured, talk , cemented- (these to prepare and to aware).

where will be the next... election?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No info = ninfo (satiriasis)?

Nowadays, there is so much info that easily anyone gets puzzled, or with at least a doubtless opinion :)
so many information sources, so many opinion makers, so many words.....and what about its speed, range, subjects ...arghhhh
Its really insane, trying to understand what is really going on; One says one thing, the other say other.  One know that is a ruthless batlle to take a  side on the way.

Lets take Siria.... how ,much of the recent images are propaganda? but i'm not a journalist, nor an influent person that should get news first.

Fake images, videos, politicians...etc
So,  information is the set of logic facts that have really ocurred within a context. Most of the times there are different pillar power that lead the info to take personal advantages.

i have 2 metaphors for these freak show...
one is sex;  like (possibly) a sex addicted person , you just can't get enough of it (either imposed by the marketing means, or by exacerbated self awareness/ consciousness)
the other one
as fire works....almost everyone likes to look the sky to the color pallete;
just don't try to pick up the canes while they still launching them.