Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No info = ninfo (satiriasis)?

Nowadays, there is so much info that easily anyone gets puzzled, or with at least a doubtless opinion :)
so many information sources, so many opinion makers, so many words.....and what about its speed, range, subjects ...arghhhh
Its really insane, trying to understand what is really going on; One says one thing, the other say other.  One know that is a ruthless batlle to take a  side on the way.

Lets take Siria.... how ,much of the recent images are propaganda? but i'm not a journalist, nor an influent person that should get news first.

Fake images, videos, politicians...etc
So,  information is the set of logic facts that have really ocurred within a context. Most of the times there are different pillar power that lead the info to take personal advantages.

i have 2 metaphors for these freak show...
one is sex;  like (possibly) a sex addicted person , you just can't get enough of it (either imposed by the marketing means, or by exacerbated self awareness/ consciousness)
the other one
as fire works....almost everyone likes to look the sky to the color pallete;
just don't try to pick up the canes while they still launching them.

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