Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"Sun" of a gun

There's some kind of shadow in the exterior acts that, as a both way cynicism, keep randomly appearing. These grey areas that developed countries like to ignore, are, in my opinion, just human affairs, pretending what they want, when (redundantly) in reality our own reality just don't allows us to be otherwise. (dissimulation, cynicism, backstage maneuvers)
From ancient times we just live by war affair; Firstly, by our own inner fight that keep clashing when facing real world. Such struggle, just end with the release of the beast: our true nature;
Are we just beasts that occasionally have some head wind blow, and try to balance the dichotomy of  fire, fury and harmony?
It doesn't matter rather to live in balance if that means that we can't preserve our own kind. That simply doensn't makes sense. If we are war bodies, we are in the same way truce messengers.
So many lives lost every day by the easiness of gun purchase... and that is governments and their leaders fault; only; The place in the SUN for GUNS should end.
We just can't live by the fascism of our nature.
BTW Is also our nature to think.

today the Lyon is at sleep
see how proud he is
with calm he tries to keep

look at his gold fur
smooth as the litle feather
that laid just in front
no story to tell
just pity found
and the world in a shell
with eyes around

today such quietude is vain
see how lucky we are
to always be insane
to have gone so far
to dream and restrain.
(Gallardo Santini)

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