Thursday, July 26, 2007

ECO - BIO - E - Something

There have always been shortwords (Buzzwords) to easly
one could associate a certain subject to that word.

-easy to remember, easy to sell, words that for themselves
carry a valid and accepted definition.

biotota (it only makes sense in portuguese....)

e-mental (well this is an electronic cheese)

eco stocks
eco citys
eco marathon
eco nomy (uppps.... !)
eco-point (portuguese container to waste separation)
eco-le (en fra├žais aussi)

eco eco eco
hey hey hey hey!
hello hello hello??

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I wonder why music dindt have major role in our world.
Nowadays its all about 010100010101011 (yeap bynary!)
or logics true - false.

Going to absurd,
imagine that every machine, computer, system or software work with sound;
well, since electricity have controled frequencys, we could apply and transform
the frequencys to something that could be heard;

So imagine loading computer operating systems, you would hear
some matrix sound (not noise composed musics) for instance;

When we turn the microwaves on, we would listen to Vivaldis Four Seasons

Machines in a factory should sound like a nice orchestra.

Even on people it would have a positive effect
for instance,

meetings should be singed e.g. theres no need to argue - cranberries
people leaving the company- i want to break free - queen
inviting some special person to dinner - dance me -leonard cohen
stock brokers at work - money - pink floyd

and so on.... politicians - tell me lies - fleetwood mac (eh eh eh)

Monday, July 23, 2007


Imagine if on a political debate it could be heard
interviewer woman and politician man thought:

i-would u like to tell people what would you do if u win the elections?
i thought- as if i dont know... keep your friends in gov, fill your pockets with money;

p-i think that the first measure will be defenetly to reduce taxes.
p thought-... to reduce in one hand and to raise in other....... nice clivage.

i-and how do you think this could be possible?
i thought- yeah right, i know what would like to raise .... are you looking at my clivage?

p-well, first i would hardly combact corruption, then i would force finances to work extra time
with juridic support in order to get more efeciency and tax banking in their major transactions;
p thought - ... then i would try to get your phone number, invite you to dinner and.....

i-but dont you think that would be dramatic action as it is a long shot, i mean trying to move banking?!
i thought- stupid this your foot that i'm feeling in my leg?

p-its not easy but our gov is used to deal with this hot issues.... ah aha ah( laugh)
p thought- oh yeah thats my foot

i-did you know that i'm black belted, you schmuck?

p-oh dear, you can wear anything u like have no problem with that.



-(voice in studio)- sorry, but your mind is in the air, I repeat, your mind is on the air!

Interruption for comercials.......

Thursday, July 19, 2007


As long as they keep talking about me! (it doesn't matter if its good or bad)

i guess we've always wonderend sometimes in our lives
that we're just passing by (or maybe not);

Speed of sound equals aprox. 1300km/h so it would make
of our voice a hell of a runner. At least its fast.
So we can record some of our moments and make it ethernal;
our voice can keep running eventualy for ever at high performance.
(depending on the speed references that we've got at the time);

We phisicaly can't.

So, i believe that our voice could be a source of youth
and i guess that's why politicians speak so much.......

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Splines are very common types/ kinds of curves
in what comes to maths.
Its an accurate way of interpolation calculus
(eg NURBS - non uniform rational B Splines).

This leads me to think that one can predict many things and accuratly!


My neighbors always watch me when i come home,
--- so they accuratly predict the time when i get there;
The news today showed war and killing,
--- i can also expect that from tomorrows news;
There are new politicians in gov,
--- its expected that they don't change their wages;
Theres sun for today,.
--- oh this is an hard one........

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Massive atacks

Theres an hudge amount of things that became

Are we also a massification product?

We are unique, but all follow a certain pattern.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I believe that in any time of life,
we try to spread our wings and learn to fly
or even we can convince ourselves that we can really fly;

But is it possible do disguise that?
Can a person dissimulate so many things even that she can't fly?

I mean, a good technician may express himself in its job,
being effective in what he does, although (for instance) he can't speak in public;

(back to politicians)
oh, how can they talk.... and in such a quantity
It seems that as soon they leave their nests they are
already convinced of their capacity to fly.... (hence....bla bla bla)
Anyway, there's another particularity, is their
hudge capacity to convince others that they really are flying
even that one can see the wiring moving the arms;

Well magicians do it better and mostly the rest of the
public dont try to seek for the wiring.....

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Physics laws

Does an action reproduces reaction?

There's always physics in our behaviour...

balance..... etc.

i guess theres no standard concept in what comes to

There are ways to deal with...
corps. deal with corps.
people try to understand themselves

In the end the atoms just ajust themselves in order
to get balanced enough or just break

(yep physics could eventualy explaine it all....if it wasn't for the spirit thing)

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


There's a bit of comparasion between life and some painting;
well, starting in the point of view and how we see things;
things are not as it seems (yep politicians have feelings too)


something like:

- I love so much to lie! - love feeling
- In the first opportunity i'll disappear with low life people - ansiety feeling
- I'll have to win the next elections otherwise i'll have to find other political job- hope feeling
- Crap, i should have done some good for this people - guilty feeling
- My pockets are filled enough for this month - hapiness feeling


Monday, July 2, 2007


What war really is?

what does it mean?









does war leave power forever?

does anger increase selfestime?

does violence solve completely the problem?

does stupidity makes sence?

does frustration cut the legs?

does developement need free killing?

does consequences justify such action?

is there any other ocupations?