Thursday, July 19, 2007


As long as they keep talking about me! (it doesn't matter if its good or bad)

i guess we've always wonderend sometimes in our lives
that we're just passing by (or maybe not);

Speed of sound equals aprox. 1300km/h so it would make
of our voice a hell of a runner. At least its fast.
So we can record some of our moments and make it ethernal;
our voice can keep running eventualy for ever at high performance.
(depending on the speed references that we've got at the time);

We phisicaly can't.

So, i believe that our voice could be a source of youth
and i guess that's why politicians speak so much.......


Aysa said...

Nice and creative blog, I tried to put some commentaries but dont know why it did not work, anyway I heard before that our voice can last for ever in the matter what the speed is, imagine the words remaining after us !!

GALLARDO said...

i wonder if sound waves could be transformed in mass energy...
hmm interesting!