Friday, July 13, 2007


I believe that in any time of life,
we try to spread our wings and learn to fly
or even we can convince ourselves that we can really fly;

But is it possible do disguise that?
Can a person dissimulate so many things even that she can't fly?

I mean, a good technician may express himself in its job,
being effective in what he does, although (for instance) he can't speak in public;

(back to politicians)
oh, how can they talk.... and in such a quantity
It seems that as soon they leave their nests they are
already convinced of their capacity to fly.... (hence....bla bla bla)
Anyway, there's another particularity, is their
hudge capacity to convince others that they really are flying
even that one can see the wiring moving the arms;

Well magicians do it better and mostly the rest of the
public dont try to seek for the wiring.....


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Max said...


A person can dissimulate whatever he/she wants to! Humans are fine actors by nature...they can hide the truth, and display a lie - and believe me people will fall for the lie; cause they're too busy (or too dumb) to see the truth! We have this hability of taking off our genesis coat, and put on a (I'm not going to say mask, cause masks tend to take long to fall, or take off - and those who wear them are highly professional in the art of deceit) snake-skin coat, cause that way they can change of roles, and personages as much as they'd like to! But if one pays close attention to others one will be able to read them like a book; and as you said "see their strings"!

Politicians are a very special group *nodding*! And essential too...

Magicians deceit only the distractive ones!


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Thanks for the link. I am proud to announce that I have linked your site to mine as well.

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