Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I wonder why music dindt have major role in our world.
Nowadays its all about 010100010101011 (yeap bynary!)
or logics true - false.

Going to absurd,
imagine that every machine, computer, system or software work with sound;
well, since electricity have controled frequencys, we could apply and transform
the frequencys to something that could be heard;

So imagine loading computer operating systems, you would hear
some matrix sound (not noise composed musics) for instance;

When we turn the microwaves on, we would listen to Vivaldis Four Seasons

Machines in a factory should sound like a nice orchestra.

Even on people it would have a positive effect
for instance,

meetings should be singed e.g. theres no need to argue - cranberries
people leaving the company- i want to break free - queen
inviting some special person to dinner - dance me -leonard cohen
stock brokers at work - money - pink floyd

and so on.... politicians - tell me lies - fleetwood mac (eh eh eh)


Aysa said...

Like we say "When words finished, music starts..."

Max said...

Ciao Gallardo!

LOL ok, definitely you're disappointed at politics (I love that song from Fleetwood Mac: "tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies (...)" - this is what we tell politicians at every campaign lolol)!
Music did have quite a role in the world: it brought people together! In the case of USA it brought blacks and whites together (Rock n' Roll in the 50's, and nowadays Hip Hop, Rap and R&B)!
I don't think it'd be nice to have people singing in meetings: if somebody would reply me while singing Cranberries...I'd punch him/her lol!
But if machines would produce music instead of that dreadful noise...industrial workers, and us would be less stressed out, non c'รจ dubbio!


GALLARDO said...

Ciao MAX, grazie per tu parole...

Music (sound) as been always a mean, starting from comunication, hence i believe that there are inner sounds that grow and can be taught also.
It is a path to creation, that means inovative methods, a free, continuous and non limited inspiring chain.
(its just a pictoric way to describe it)

one issue that i didn't get:
don't u like cranberries or to sing....??