Friday, August 3, 2007


Peace of mind, tranquility, destressing, sea, seagles,
blue sky, beach, sand, museums, travelling, to sleep,
nature, visits (to friends), rainbow, ice creams, night
writting, music, wind.

where all the people went?
why its raining today?
where did i left my favourite t-shirt?
maybe north coast water temperature this year will raise up!


Aysa said...

... They say good moments will be only the moments we live in it... so good memories of a great holiday would be part of it... travelling, relaxing, it is like u puzed the life movie for a moment !!!....

Nice posting...

Max said...

Well apparently nobody went abroad this year: "Não há verba!"....I was hoping to find the supermarkets clear, but noooooo....people swamped it as if we were in x-mas *nodding*!
I wish I could sleep for hours: but I can't *pout*! The sky is blue, the summer is not, the spring lingers, and I haven't had my vacations yet.....
Water temperature raising....that's just too good to be true, mon ami!!! Ah, ma belle oui, l'eau est chaud...

If you're on vacations: I wish you nice ones :)!