Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Today its eleven.My thoughts are with whom have suffered with that day.

fear, pain, terror, killing, laden, bush, towers, fireman, explosion, death,
dna, police, troops, world, plain, afghanistan, taliban, rates, gold, politics, power, economy, press.

_______________PEOPLE ___________________

__________11 _______________



Max said...

Ciao G!

11: the terrible vision of those towers being slammed by those plains (pain, terror, killing, death)!
11: the beginning of a war that seems to have lost its reason to continue (where's laden?)!
11: the change of mentalities in our society (fear)!
11: the attack against terrorism (police, troops, world, politics, fireman, dna)!
11: the economic gains retrieved from the 2 wars (economy, rates, gold, press, power)!
11: 11th of March, 7th of July (explosions, talibans, death)!

Our thoughts go to the families that lost loved ones, and may the Light be with those who are gone!


andey said...

yes, as yourself what'd be next calamiti

fritters to!

Max said...

Hey G!

You have been awarded: