Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My way

Our usual selfish evolution....thats my message;
We keep all of our best to ourselves (does this makes any sense?)
Is it reasonable to think that we can't live together?
What is the point of having great and globalized comunities, if
we generaly live with our backs turned?
Can we ignore the fact, for instance, of poor african countrys being
used to deliver and consume cocain, in order to maintain untouchable
producers and indiferent european citizens???
If being a citizen is to be also part of a comunity in a global cenary,
our responsabilitys should global;
Can we give each other diferent reasons to encourage and motivate
our own global relationships.


Aysa said...

True!! nice one!

Max said...

Ciao G!

The world is a bit selfish indeed, it seems like people are walking around looking at their own navel! They engage in causes that interest them, that will represent some sort of gain for themselves and not because it is the right thing to do.

No, we shouldn't ignore the fact that African countries are being used to maintain the impunity of certain Europeans *nodding*!

I agree with you when you say that as global citizens we should also be globally liable for what is going on!
There is only one reason (the most valid of them all) to encourage and motivate our global relationships: we are all humans, we are all the equal (we equally breathe, eat, cough, drink, smile, cry etc)!

Great picture, as usual: congratulations!! :D


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