Thursday, January 29, 2009

Air knowledge

Pure and soft air enter our lungs ... sometimes; its a unconscient act that affects us and that we could learn from.
After all, life is knowledge.
Air enters new goes out ...filthy. as well, we born pure and we get unpure as time goes by. There are simply small things that we cross by every day and we just can't notice, sometimes they are pure and other don't. It was worth to spend some time choosing which simple things are around us, so we could move forward easily. So... breathe in and out as simple as it is.... if you have the time for it!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The coldness of winter

Keep your mind free
As the stars in the skies
Remain quiet as heaven
Like soul in the eyes.

Yelling to the mountain
Far away from everything
Silence in the night,
And stars started to sing.

The coolness of winter
Brought us iced feelings:
We can’t deny reality…
Than why, why wake up?

Walking the ground of dust
Within some fog we can’t take
Falling for the universe,
Where no one is awake!