Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The coldness of winter

Keep your mind free
As the stars in the skies
Remain quiet as heaven
Like soul in the eyes.

Yelling to the mountain
Far away from everything
Silence in the night,
And stars started to sing.

The coolness of winter
Brought us iced feelings:
We can’t deny reality…
Than why, why wake up?

Walking the ground of dust
Within some fog we can’t take
Falling for the universe,
Where no one is awake!

1 comment:

Max said...

Ciao G!

Wow...another hidden talent: poetry!

"The coolness of winter brought us iced feelings:" - this reminded me of SAD. It is said that when winter comes people become more depressed...but I don't see how come. Winter is just another cycle of the year; it is like a stage of life...one of the many cycles that comprise it. Once we accept this simple truth, there is no reason to allow our feelings to get iced...

""Than why, why wake up?" - because we are here to live, to walk, to experiment with our eyes wide opened. Reality cannot be denied, although painful it must be faced with a smile upon our face.

"Falling for the universe, where no one is awake!" - this one is powerful and deep...indeed not many are awake (which, for those who have risen from the darkness, is quite disturbing); but those who have awaken must help the others who remain in the sleep-mode.

Great poem, great message! Congratulations :D!