Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Happy new terrestrial year for everyone!
I was about going to sleep, when, after some web crawling (news actually)
i gave myself thinking why do evolute always towards self satisfaction and need/desire (basic instincts...). Biologically, technologically either (..)etc. we've always got our evolution balance through that terms. Its fair also to consider that if we did evolute in such terms, so did our emotions too. But what about our reason?? Does our reason evolute in the same pace? Could we afirm that our decisions are reasonable taken regardless our primary needs? My opinion is a straight "No"... The facts are known for everyone, we are always trying to get the easiest solution, to use less energy (to be lazy, in the limit : ) ) But the easieast solutions are always surrounded by unexpected, unpredictacle, dangerous variables which we can't control. Human societys always generated their own solutions (needs) and problems (most of the times free of charge). Nowadays, more then ever, seems that our needs are completely moved by emotion, in such a spiral way, where Ego is a supermassive exponential center, and rotates fast and unstable. Lets take some of examples of incongruity....
-men can save lives through science, science can produce bombs to take lives.
-men can create laws to ensure security, laws can take freedom away
-men creates vaccines to avoid deseases to spread, men creates deseases to justify vaccines.
-people can reduce their fat by medical cirurgy, this same intervention can be potencial unsafe
-people reach faster ( instatly) to information, information is manipulated by govs and corporations.
-people crawl the web much more, personal contact is less needed
-men relations and family concept is modifying (stress, gay coupling) hence less new born people on super cities...
and so on....

be happy!

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