Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Wonderfull.... market economy prooved to run world states; Finally i understand that nations and nowdays leaders are weak facing the power of markets institution; (oh, we are so human!) But who runs the market? Do you run market, do i run market, does societys rule market? In order to understand better this issue, i've searched for info about nations who haven't suffered yet by "global economy crisis".
Maybe the BRIC haven't, but they are generaly assimetric as a society, and their internal economy gives them sustainability to keep them on the way.
In the worst case scenario there's war to come, in the most optimistic scenario w'ill have 8 years of pain, sacrifice. (less consumption.... which is not bad for human beeing as an athomic unit since is lacking values...i suppose).
In the evolutive process there are basic things to survive such as an adaptative profile wich means accept or tranform your/ someonelse behaviour accordingly to the surrounding environment; else you can be institutionaly excluded. So where do we/I stand? I can't accept the fact of corruption be generaly accepted and practiced as an usual way to move economy.
How to finish or diminish it? How can values be transmitted if educated people are also corruptors? Another music to end this post:
"I can get no satisfaction...." - Rolling Stones


Max Coutinho said...

Hey G!

Do you know what I have learned? We are all responsible for the present state of affairs. As a whole, we all make the markets fluctuate (our irresponsible fa├žon de vivre [endebted to our teeth, living above our possibilities] led us here).

About corruption: there are many forms of corruption so you would have to be more specific. Blunt corruption (the kind practiced in most African countries, for example) is unacceptable; obvious corruption (like the one practiced in Portugal) is shameful and brings us closer to our African brothers down there; and then we have the High Level Corruption (which is nearly imperceptible)...sometimes a necessary harm.
Ah, let me add the corruption practiced by parents at home (if you behave I'll give you a sweet): the beginning of the corruptible cycle.

Have a glorious weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think about add this material in my RSS. Do u think its ok?

GALLARDO said...

you're welcome to use rss