Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just "Milestoning"

Sorry to my blog billions of readers. In fact i haven't found any deep event that really got my attention...and also lack of time... So what has just happend in between? Well so much and nothing at the same time. World economys are more interdependent than ever . Money, money money makes the world go round ...this is so true, ancient and even out of style. I can't understand people behaviour. Lets take consumption as one of the adaptative, metamorphic evolutive ways to get self statisfaction. For instance this christmas some of the poorest countrys in UE have raised the volume of movements done in ATM (some aprox more 50 M€ than in 2009 - from 700 to 750 M€) , unemployment raised , bankrupcys raised.... eventhough there's money enough to get an average of 70€/ person in a 10 million people country. Thats unbelieveble! Credit, loans, rents (CLR) are the latest persons adiction..... can this be diagnosed some day as a desease ???

At the doctor:
DOC "-I'm sorry sir, i think you suffer from the contagious CLR"
PACIENT "- Me ? not me, i just have my car, house, dvd, hollidays and .............. (silence) .........Does it have a cure?"
DOC"-Well i would advise a trip to Mars, or any other born society, otherwise this will grow up indefinetly"
Be aware. Take your vaccines.
"Hey big spender...."

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Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

LOL LOL you kill me, man!
Well, I am one of your billion blog readers (since 2007) and I can tell you that you are forgiven ;):

Yes, "money makes the world go round, the world go round, the world go round...money makes the world go round"...and it is not a disease per se: but the relationship people hold with it is.
It is like people have transformed money into their god (what a heresy!!) *nodding*.

Man, I wish you a fabulous 2011! Blog more: share your delightful intellect with us :D!

Happy New Year!