Thursday, January 13, 2011


in the future there will be no pens...everyone will write in iSomething and other;
our cars will work by renovable energy; phones will be skin implanted, and so our IDs;
we'll be hable to comunicate without any physical support (i.e. pc or phone), we will have a universal standard language, people can be bought, nations, societys, societys (as i said before) can be directly ruled by Corps.; one's problems will affect faster and more people in every dimension or cause;

in the future people will true smile less.


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

My, my, my...what a terrible prediction for the future: we will practically be androids *nodding*.
I hope not to live to see this day...really.

However, I like the idea of cars being fuelled by renewables energies - that is one positive thing we are already heading towards.
Now, phones implanted in the skin? HELL NOOOO!

G, you are killing me, man! lol


Marsy said...

Hello G,

Have you seen this?

I watched it the other day and can't stop thinking about it! The future does unfortunately seem bleak - so that's why we should smile more now and enjoy what is left :)