Monday, August 29, 2011

The Passenger V


The time crossed as gently as it could, down that rocky landscape, where the Night just let our traveler sleep. His dreams were driven by and between stormy and tumultuous events, mountains to climb, rivers to pass, and rain, lots of it, here and then a glance of sun ray, his body lied down like if it was part of the earth, restless, fighting against the Dawn that soon whispered Night to leave. And so it did. “Come out and play” – echoed a voice in that cave. At first he thought that his dreams were becoming reality, as the voice sounded clearer, he thought not wake up, “what for, what’s outside waiting for? Is it worth? maybe there are some other dreams that I should wait for.” But the voice continued and was impossible to ignore so much echoes , so he opened his eyes and looked the small hole at the very beginning of the cave…. there was a bright white light coming, impossible to notice any silhouette, so he shouted confused “Who’s there, what do you want from me?”

The Passenger V

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Right Fight

Hello world in every corner.
Suddenly and appearently there's a "new" fight europe/world order.
Lets take the last months short facts:
-BRIC supremacy
-Markets (down - sailing accordingly the winds );
-(sillent) Riots;
-Euro confusion and leadership weakness;
-Unemployment (youth they say... production or manufacturing out of ocidental countries);
In fact, a new mind revolution must and actually is taking place, the existing models weared out.
Which is the best or optimized solution? (shurely there are no magic wands);
Will we develop towards ancient solutions (dark ages???); are methaforically makerts the new barbarians? Are there some new concepts about what governance should be? IS someone addopting new measures to prevent a global underdevelopment? Do citizens really have power enough to decide governance models?
Since we went GLOBAL there are more risks and this jungle promises to be tougher through times; New aliances are about to come, some values should be taken; It is time!
"we're never gonna surbive unless we get a litle crazy" - SEAL