Tuesday, September 27, 2011


It is incredible and really unbelieveble, how european union isn't hable to ennance its major key points, and with it reinforce its leaders/ leadership and hence its own people. My point of view is that european union as forgoten its name: "union" , and there are no unreplaceble persons that could make the difference from the rest of the world. There's no doubt that Germany plays a key role in whole scenario and how Europe will develop its own political agenda, but Europe isn't Germany. Europe is a gathering of multiplicities as society, culture, inovation & d, unfortunetly lack of values (egocentrism mainly) its an worldwide side effect, wich everyone takes part of. Anyway, my point is that Europe will not stand and last, if doesn't change its global strategic policy, so the only way i see it will be the Federal regime constitution or will have cyclicly the same problems knocking on the door. How to make a general concensus around euro crisis ?strong leadership with an epic strategic view (someone should have the guts) would definetly be a turnkey to move forward and fast otherwise its will be always dry wood measures to increase the fire.

Friday, September 9, 2011

En verdad

En verdad el mundo se queda siempre mas pequeño, pero al mismo tiempo mas distante y porque?
son tantas las barreras que hicimos y todavia es mucho mejor vivir sin ellas. qual es el desarrollo que intentamos? Nos hemos quedado en el tiempo de los primeros "FILIPES"? es decir, hagaremos todo por interes? A las veces me pongo a pensar si las estupidez humana iba a confrontarse al espejo decindo: "te conozco, pero, no me gustas nada!"....