Friday, March 2, 2012


My euro (sorry its not mine...anyway is whom?) as gone.
So what to do now?
Enjoy your everyday day living, if it felt pleasurous
or don't do nothing and also enjoy the show.

Start thinking what you really believe, and who you really are, and what your journey is all about....
Still the questioning : why?
Why humans submit themselves to their carving knives?

"cause i, i i dont care anymore....!" ---- loyd cole



Max Coutinho said...

Ciao Gallardo!

I see that your disappointment towards an united Euro remains intact...

I don't think that the Euro is gone, but the Eurozone definitely needs restructure itself to avoid similar crises in the future (don't worry, there will always be crises, but it is sad when they are always of the same kind - giving the impression that mankind learnt nothing from its history).

Cheers, mate!

GALLARDO said...

Hi Max, thx but unfortunetly my misbelive is lack of values related and for so much that we can see right in front of everyones eyes and is impossible to do something.
I (really) think that our country is on someonelses hands and mainly controled by foreings (as i've said before we would see countrys buying other and companys too...). So god money will prevail above all human being.

All the best girl!