Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Submerging Countries : All

What has history taught us up to now, regarding evolution?

Are we prone to follow the easy stuff, are we soulless spirits that can't see beyond consumption?
same tastes, same colours, same sounds, same patterns...same that what are we leading at, our supposed evolution? Is there some sort of shell/ umbrella where peolple want to be controled?

I guess i know what AI (artificial inteligence) really means... we are organic robots;



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Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G!

We are not robots however we are experiencing an absolute crisis of conscience, will and self-accountability (i.e. we refuse to take responsibility for our own choices and decisions).
Globalisation did uniformed the world a bit (specially the western world), which is a shame - everywhere you go, you find the same McMerde (pardon my French), StarSucks, PizzaMut, etc etc...

You were missed.