Friday, July 5, 2013


This picture deserves a bit of a story.... In a brief  this was taken some years ago with my 3 MP web cam (so much for the quality thing, and wiring, anthenas....)  in an isolated Portuguese (i will get back later to the location ...'cause i cant remember now ) village, eventhough it shows a lot. In this sort of villages (comon in non urban Portugal: mostly northeast and southeast) it is usual to eldery people to be, during shiny days, at the doors of their homes, to get warm, to think, chat and observe the other or everything combined . But what was this particular man doing? He was seated down near that small chapel... waiting for the priest? Perhaps just a devoted person who thought to be closer to his beliefs...chapels guardian...?! could carry a secret... or better a good story: but i didn't ask him unfortunetly. Perhaps he was fed up being home alone waiting for their children that emigrated to come back safe and sound; so he prayed while chapel was closed ...and got warmed .... tired he fell in sleep dreaming .



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