Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE LAGOON - photo

This photo has been taken in some 10:00 am at 35ÂșC near a nice lagoon... yes the trees were my witnesses how hot it was...nearby some 200 person were preparing for a hicking morning. Enjoy the summer.


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao Gallardo,

It is hot, eh? I loved this picture although I do not recognise the place: is it Portugal, at least?

I am thoroughly enjoying this new phase of your blog: it's awesome.


GALLARDO said...

Hi Max thx for your lovely comments
i always apreciated them.

by the way: :)) love this

Yes it was taken in Portugal, (Portuguese wonders!) Its near Agueda called Pateira de Fermentelos almost hidden Sanctuary for some nature species...

All the best

Max Coutinho said...


It's my pleasure.

Ooohh, that is a mighty cool song (and so becoming as well). I love love and love Ella. :)
You have a good musical taste, mister.

It is a gorgeous "Portuguese Wonder" :). I might visit it one day.