Thursday, September 19, 2013

THE PASSENGER X - tribute to my missed loved father

(....) from PASSENGER IX
Now we'll rest a bit - observed the Owl looking backwards while walking down the hill watching the fading image of the standing Trees.
(to be continued)

Here and there the Owl and the Passenger returned to their so much loved trees, seeing their strong tree trunks and splendorous leafs and flowers, that so much times took their strengths up to exhaustion.

The Passenger pointed out that the bears and other animals were always taking advantage of the trees to fed themselves  so sometimes some of them took some fresh flours or leafs, and even to use it as they wanted to; But, the Owl seemed that wasn't so much worried because he could see the trees stifness and resilience at weather or nature conditions, so his experiece was telling him that  those were just mere natural conditions. Their team attention kept them looking for every single detail of the trees and their surrouding environment. After sometime Wolves and Bears start to approach around and made them nervous. Although the sun could be seen through the tall trees and the fresh sense of blooming nature, there was some tention in the air... Hunger was felt at the Wolves and Bear eyes . The Owl and Passenger feared for their achievements.... so they wispered each other for a brief discussion and realized for themselves that would be enough if they just stood there watching for their trees. So the beasts approached  and started small talk with the trees...
"Nice leafs you have there....." - said the Bear . "And what gorgeous flowers" emphasized the Wolf; The Bear and Wolf look each other and the Wolf continued - " we have some flowers of our own you want to see them?" - asked the Wolf showing some brilliant things with heavly perfume....

(to be continued)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


friday, october 9th 2009  -  wrote this some years ago to another blog.....

PAZ: Oba!

Muito se tem falado nas virtudes do Presidente Obama. De facto os holofotes estão-lhe tão direccionados que o podem ofuscar. Meio mundo olha para os EUA como uma espécie de guia económico quase como a aguardar o passo seguinte para que decisões estratégicas se tomem; Será um pouco de exagero deixar que uma só nação tome conta do mundo e aliás nestas alturas os EUA querem mesmo aliados (alguém tem de pagar as contas de exércitos privados e de créditos irracionais...) essa factura pesada está ancorar a actividade dos EUA e as pessoas começam a descrer e a ganhar anticorpos salvaguardando-se como podem (ou seja compram menos). Os lobbys sempre farão parte da actividade politica, mas o que o Obama sabia que iria encontrar era uma máquina infernal de lobbying quase impossivel de transpôr; As suas promessas poderão cair por terra sendo que as contas são tantas que talvez as externas, a serem prioritárias, podem-se sobrepor às afamadas healthcare measures e estas nunca passarem de uma miragem. Logicamente que a sua (de Obama) imagem internacional terá um peso decisivo no apoio às tomadas de decisão dificeis (como a gestão de guerras e armamento) e um prémio Nobel é sempre de salientar. Mas sinceramente há 1,5 ano atrás "ninguém" sabia quem era este presidente e o que atrás dessa altura foi feito em prol da dita PAZ. Paz tem um significado único.
Sinceramente espero que esse titulo atribuido seja acompanhado de actos que ultrapassem as expectativas...... do mundo!

Much has been said in the virtues of President Obama. In fact the spotlight is directed him so that can overshadow. Half the world looks to the U.S. as a kind of guide economic almost like waiting for the next step so that strategic decisions are taken, will be a bit of an exaggeration let one nation to take over the world and indeed in these times even the U.S. wants allies (someone has to pay the bills of private armies and credits irrational ...) this bill is heavy anchor U.S. activity and people start to disbelieve and make antibodies safeguarding as they can (ie buy less). The lobbies will always be part of political activity, but what Obama knew he would find was an infernal machine lobbying almost impossible to bridge; Their promises may fall down and the accounts are so many that perhaps external, to be priority may overlap the renowned healthcare Measures and these never pass a mirage. Logically that his (Obama's) international image will have a decisive weight in supporting decision making difficult (as managing wars and weaponry) and Nobel Prize is always noteworthy. But honestly there 1.5 years ago "no one" knew who was behind this president and what that time was made in favor of that PEACE. Peace has a unique meaning.
Sincerely hope that this title is attributed accompanied by acts that exceed expectations ......of the whole world!

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Referring to an old post from 19/08/13
here it is the original; Hope you like it!

You can find this outstanding view at Douro portuguese wonders!!!
Because of the intensive great wine culture I didicate my sound Harvest-BLUE SUN to it!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013