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friday, october 9th 2009  -  wrote this some years ago to another blog.....

PAZ: Oba!

Muito se tem falado nas virtudes do Presidente Obama. De facto os holofotes estão-lhe tão direccionados que o podem ofuscar. Meio mundo olha para os EUA como uma espécie de guia económico quase como a aguardar o passo seguinte para que decisões estratégicas se tomem; Será um pouco de exagero deixar que uma só nação tome conta do mundo e aliás nestas alturas os EUA querem mesmo aliados (alguém tem de pagar as contas de exércitos privados e de créditos irracionais...) essa factura pesada está ancorar a actividade dos EUA e as pessoas começam a descrer e a ganhar anticorpos salvaguardando-se como podem (ou seja compram menos). Os lobbys sempre farão parte da actividade politica, mas o que o Obama sabia que iria encontrar era uma máquina infernal de lobbying quase impossivel de transpôr; As suas promessas poderão cair por terra sendo que as contas são tantas que talvez as externas, a serem prioritárias, podem-se sobrepor às afamadas healthcare measures e estas nunca passarem de uma miragem. Logicamente que a sua (de Obama) imagem internacional terá um peso decisivo no apoio às tomadas de decisão dificeis (como a gestão de guerras e armamento) e um prémio Nobel é sempre de salientar. Mas sinceramente há 1,5 ano atrás "ninguém" sabia quem era este presidente e o que atrás dessa altura foi feito em prol da dita PAZ. Paz tem um significado único.
Sinceramente espero que esse titulo atribuido seja acompanhado de actos que ultrapassem as expectativas...... do mundo!

Much has been said in the virtues of President Obama. In fact the spotlight is directed him so that can overshadow. Half the world looks to the U.S. as a kind of guide economic almost like waiting for the next step so that strategic decisions are taken, will be a bit of an exaggeration let one nation to take over the world and indeed in these times even the U.S. wants allies (someone has to pay the bills of private armies and credits irrational ...) this bill is heavy anchor U.S. activity and people start to disbelieve and make antibodies safeguarding as they can (ie buy less). The lobbies will always be part of political activity, but what Obama knew he would find was an infernal machine lobbying almost impossible to bridge; Their promises may fall down and the accounts are so many that perhaps external, to be priority may overlap the renowned healthcare Measures and these never pass a mirage. Logically that his (Obama's) international image will have a decisive weight in supporting decision making difficult (as managing wars and weaponry) and Nobel Prize is always noteworthy. But honestly there 1.5 years ago "no one" knew who was behind this president and what that time was made in favor of that PEACE. Peace has a unique meaning.
Sincerely hope that this title is attributed accompanied by acts that exceed expectations ......of the whole world!

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Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G,

Nobel Peace Prizes are a joke. I mean, they give peace prizes to anti-Semites, for heaven's sake.

Regarding, president Obama: he did say, in Sweden, that he wasn't worthy of it (because he knew that as Commander-in-Chief of the world's Super Power, peace can only be achieved through conflict and/or war).
Yes, the war industry is huge but it was born because of a simple fact: peace cannot exist without war, and vice-versa. So, why not make some bucks in the process? By the way, it employs a lot of people...ask Germany why it is so focused on selling weapons to dubious regimes...


GALLARDO said...

Hi Max thx to drop here!
I must agree with Obama (he is not worthy of it) And sorry but i dont understand why peace should be achieved by force and weapons and not with agreements/ negociations. You may say that historicaly thats what how it works and happens and even as i stated in your "Society Dissector" :) - if we want to maintain a certain lifestyle"....but why not push to make it different? In our basis unity societies are relations and behaviours between persons; Every day we are negotiating and barging (as my grandmother said about couple relations: when one goes up the other should go down) - and I would add: in a balanced way/ fashion - this should be extrapolated for bigger dependent relations. Precentive wars are still wars and killing.
But ok, ok.... we are monkeys with some rocks and bones in our hands... :)

Jasmin said...

thank you!

Max Coutinho said...


It's my pleasure :).

Because agreements and negotiations do not bring peace - look around the world - although they serve as a basis for conflict resolution. But ultimately, only war puts people in check.
LOL LOL no, you (and other commenters) are the Society Dissectors in my blog ;). Ah, you suggest a different approach; only making use of an approach that has been used (and failed) for decades is not being different, is it? Humans do not understand words, Gallardo - don't ask me why (maybe it is their nature, they need to take things to extremes) - but paradoxically they do understand destruction and fight. How did we manage to have this enduring peace in Europe? We had 100 years of war, then many other smaller ones, then two big ones...now, we are at peace - even so, for how long?
To make things differently, politics must be done differently and it is not.
Relationships between couples are not the same as relationships between countries (I would compare the latter to relationships between families, though - too many interests). Real couples usually have the same interests despite having different views of how to reach those same goals.
Other kinds of sub-wars are still wars and kill: diseases, addiction, domestic violence etc etc.

Nay, we are not monkeys...monkey's learn faster with their mistakes :).