Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Indeed that water is our creation basis, it can be a reflection ( ) of our daily motion. It flows, sometimes floods, other just runs narrow or don't run at all.. A Jump into the water could mean that you get to your roots and finally become free for yourself. Our "leaders" seem to have taken an agenda for which they don't have the closest idea where did it came from and where will it lead us to, and sincerely i would dare to say that they care as much as the rest of the common mortals..... assumig that 90% of the persons make plans for a day, or as lot of maketeers like to put it "now"! So, maybe (just maybe) there are some considerations, examples, to recover from the dust that can point out a direction, in order to get the flow that so many aspire.


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G,

Such a gorgeous picture: it transmits peace and calm. Where is it?

I understand what you mean: most politicians nowadays seem to act randomly, with no plan, no thought process...maybe only money in their mind?


GALLARDO said...

you should(must)know this :) ! Portuguese UNESCO 2001 World Heritage Sites Douro - REGUA

oooh the money slavery....

all the best

Max Coutinho said...


No, I didn't know it. The last time I was in RĂ©gua I was practically a baby, so I do not remember.
Thanks for answering my question though :D.

Have a great week.