Friday, February 14, 2014

LOL = Lots Of Love - or "Hey: St. Valentine just went viral!"

What is the limit of love? - Love's a bug (this could a be a song title for a Pixies song);
Love for each other, no matter what...., what could be the matter..? Extreme experiences where a human being understands, that it is better to give from himself than receive from other; a condition where anyone else comes in first; The sacrifice of the own well being, for someone else or some cause (although it could be also "for anything", once we live in the consumers era) generally for any living creature that nurture affections; Love can easily assume many forms, it depends on what you have been taught about it during your life. So it can be taught... But if there's someone that hasn't had the chance of having the right surrounding environment in order to learn it, and/or hasn't been to understand, feel, experience it? How would he/she recognize and practice it, if no references haven't been properly inscribed as a natural DNA mutation input? So, are we genetically programmed to live an emotion so extremely, to the point we name it as LOVE, and independently from our environment it will always be revealed at some point of our lives? 
Nowadays we live in a rush for peak fast emotions and material things (as said previously), and I may ask if it  is fair for  it be live in such a randomly fashion? 
If love is a feelling, then it could conditionate our reason (as deeply explained at "Descartes Error" of Neurologist Antonio Damasio) for the better or worse ; Eventually we love for a reason (or a bunch of it!) so we try to be rational at LOVE ? Could it have a set of formulae? 
Love is some sort of deep connection, that compels you to do things.... usually the unnoticed but significant  ones, are the remaining and that ultimately keep you attached to it....


Wednesday, February 12, 2014


(you know it...anyway...  There are a lot of it.... )

Really there are a lot of persons that take their share on someone else's work or profit from others efforts without doing nothing for it or even deserve it. The merit for a reward should be something over present in what work's concern about. Of course there are other actions that you do on behalf of other's that you give it for free, without expecting any kind of reward whatsoever e.g. community work, non profit entrepreneurship, which is actually a value, that you can trade.... with  no (perhaps) collateral damages, and thats truly humble, noble and great. For many (in company environment) this has been sort of  labeled as "Social Responsibility" and as a Buzz, I think it turned out to be a fait divers or a way to divert some taxes.... of course companies aren't charity organizations... and their main goal is to produce profit , but it has to be fair and legitimate winning, by the merit of their work.... but, you know that the huge profits don't appear simply out of the blue, and where is unbalance and the flows are mainly in one direction, in one way or the other, the nature will solve it by its own means.... (ups...! the F Cat commands nature now).
But, as someone said in a fable "is better to be slim (mouse) in the bush, than fat in a cats mouth!"

thought this sound could be.....  hmm.. appropriate...

Monday, February 10, 2014

"LUCK" European Union - the mystery of lost earrings

Since there are men on earth there's competition at the strive for food, land, position, overall government, What can we expect if we are after all human ... and animals... ? And as animals, our basic instincts usually tell us to dominate, haunt something .... to be definitely in control. But is this a society desire? Is this the citizens will? Or are we at the verge of lacking representativity ? Of course there are some (few i would dare to say!), that try to balance own interests with citizens ones.
World vs.... World itself, could a society take really its faith by its hands? Or are govs so "interests" dependents that can't decide nothing that follows citizens true aspirations? If that's so, then who are entitled to "rule" or to interpret citizens "pure" desires/ aspirations? And if there are self entitled  interpreters, what are their main and mundane purposes ? ( the usual power, money, sex ?)
For what i understand, theres is something that someone is searching for, as its owed belonging, but, in fact, it's fair to ask: do we actually belong something, or does something belong us...? From a foreign point of view there'll be a something that was lost, from a another point of view they just keep the search for its .... belonging....

Thursday, February 6, 2014

PROSPECTIVE - we all have been given a big wildcard....

Does  it really matter how good you are at planning? Do all your pseudo-Boolean logic keys, open your wanted doors? What are the main variables that your life journey tells you to take in account?
I confess that even the more accurate planner couldn't observe the next most strange event on earth, even though there some few that try hard to get it right.
Predicting as always been a wizard sort of thing from the ancient times (for the crops, society, economy and consumers) and even Plato or Aristotle (for instance) tried it, analysing nature and human behaviour and yet didn't solve the whole of the question....
Fortunately, method and passing knowledge and wisdom through times, brought us some mainstream paths in which some how we can rely on..... or not?
We could say that some good diagnosis could be a interesting 1st step towards a less risky plan and at the end solution .... but there are the "if's" though.
As a short example, it can be analysed to the light of a certain pattern, that unmeasured and filthy plenty load of wealth, could lead to some predictable behaviour that is recognisable or characterized among a group, an institution,.... in the limit the whole world  (the insurers know this for sure!!!!); Top Stock brokers and high level finance / banking and tax haven countries..... and probably you wouldn't have to be a Wall Street Wolf as in the Leonard DiCaprio movie, to foster this. Yet, it would be expected all the excess occurred behaviour during this movie development, as in life though. (sex, drugs and rock&roll) which it happens to be common to other groups in society, as i've stated before ....politics, top rock stars, sport athletes, movie stars (these actually sell to media fuss, scandal etc.).... So could anyone predict the whole path or ultimate fate of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson,  Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain ... (even the "unknown" Bankers...., and lately Philip Seymour Hoffman .... ( is just too sad to die home alone with a needle . Remembered System of a Down - Needles  or similar...and having it all .... or not...   )
So where does this goes into, you may ask yourself now... excess is almost predictable but people and nature are hard wild variables.

If this was a movie i would finish it with the sound of "Something" from Beatles or Lou Reed's - Perfect  Day, i think is suits....

and my tribute to Seymour (this was really hilarious....)

and goes on....