Friday, February 14, 2014

LOL = Lots Of Love - or "Hey: St. Valentine just went viral!"

What is the limit of love? - Love's a bug (this could a be a song title for a Pixies song);
Love for each other, no matter what...., what could be the matter..? Extreme experiences where a human being understands, that it is better to give from himself than receive from other; a condition where anyone else comes in first; The sacrifice of the own well being, for someone else or some cause (although it could be also "for anything", once we live in the consumers era) generally for any living creature that nurture affections; Love can easily assume many forms, it depends on what you have been taught about it during your life. So it can be taught... But if there's someone that hasn't had the chance of having the right surrounding environment in order to learn it, and/or hasn't been to understand, feel, experience it? How would he/she recognize and practice it, if no references haven't been properly inscribed as a natural DNA mutation input? So, are we genetically programmed to live an emotion so extremely, to the point we name it as LOVE, and independently from our environment it will always be revealed at some point of our lives? 
Nowadays we live in a rush for peak fast emotions and material things (as said previously), and I may ask if it  is fair for  it be live in such a randomly fashion? 
If love is a feelling, then it could conditionate our reason (as deeply explained at "Descartes Error" of Neurologist Antonio Damasio) for the better or worse ; Eventually we love for a reason (or a bunch of it!) so we try to be rational at LOVE ? Could it have a set of formulae? 
Love is some sort of deep connection, that compels you to do things.... usually the unnoticed but significant  ones, are the remaining and that ultimately keep you attached to it....


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Max Coutinho said...

Hey Gallardo,

I don't celebrate St Valentine's day, but Love is always a good topic.

Love is innate. We are born knowing it, the same way we are born knowing the difference between good and evil (according to a study made to babies in the US).
We naturally love regardless of what surrounds us, of our education, background, upbringing etc. We love, we care, we feel tenderness, we feel that emotion that releases hormones and makes us feel good.

Yes, there are several types of love (obviously): divine, pure, carnal, friendship, brotherly, motherly/fatherly etc. And each and one of them reflect that pearl with which we are born with inside.

Human beings are fabulous creatures and they should try to love more. They should focus on that sentiment more.