Monday, February 10, 2014

"LUCK" European Union - the mystery of lost earrings

Since there are men on earth there's competition at the strive for food, land, position, overall government, What can we expect if we are after all human ... and animals... ? And as animals, our basic instincts usually tell us to dominate, haunt something .... to be definitely in control. But is this a society desire? Is this the citizens will? Or are we at the verge of lacking representativity ? Of course there are some (few i would dare to say!), that try to balance own interests with citizens ones.
World vs.... World itself, could a society take really its faith by its hands? Or are govs so "interests" dependents that can't decide nothing that follows citizens true aspirations? If that's so, then who are entitled to "rule" or to interpret citizens "pure" desires/ aspirations? And if there are self entitled  interpreters, what are their main and mundane purposes ? ( the usual power, money, sex ?)
For what i understand, theres is something that someone is searching for, as its owed belonging, but, in fact, it's fair to ask: do we actually belong something, or does something belong us...? From a foreign point of view there'll be a something that was lost, from a another point of view they just keep the search for its .... belonging....

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