Wednesday, February 12, 2014


(you know it...anyway...  There are a lot of it.... )

Really there are a lot of persons that take their share on someone else's work or profit from others efforts without doing nothing for it or even deserve it. The merit for a reward should be something over present in what work's concern about. Of course there are other actions that you do on behalf of other's that you give it for free, without expecting any kind of reward whatsoever e.g. community work, non profit entrepreneurship, which is actually a value, that you can trade.... with  no (perhaps) collateral damages, and thats truly humble, noble and great. For many (in company environment) this has been sort of  labeled as "Social Responsibility" and as a Buzz, I think it turned out to be a fait divers or a way to divert some taxes.... of course companies aren't charity organizations... and their main goal is to produce profit , but it has to be fair and legitimate winning, by the merit of their work.... but, you know that the huge profits don't appear simply out of the blue, and where is unbalance and the flows are mainly in one direction, in one way or the other, the nature will solve it by its own means.... (ups...! the F Cat commands nature now).
But, as someone said in a fable "is better to be slim (mouse) in the bush, than fat in a cats mouth!"

thought this sound could be.....  hmm.. appropriate...

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