Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Can you learn from experience? 5 steps

We all know that our behaviour reflects our life in what experiences concerns about;
So how could we learn from those experiences? is there a procedure for it?
This can take us to the point where is mandatory define good and bad (to filter).
Good - what impels you go further without hurting anyone
Bad - hurting someone to achieve your desire

1 Live and do (interact)
2 Invoque and remember
3 Select (accordingly to your own concepts of good bad)
4 Apply ( in every moment)
5 Check results (constantly)

If the results match to your interests, that leads you to improvement, then you are learning..(?)


Max Coutinho said...

Hey G,

We can learn from experience, but many choose not to (regrettably). Those who opt by not learning from experience, are those who keep doing the same mistakes since the day they are born until they die - I call that sort of people "intellectually thick" because we are here on earth to learn and purge bad habits has we go.

Very good suggestions, Gallardo :D.


GALLARDO said...

thx for your comment Max. Evolution is the core end of added experiences; But even in a evolutive processes there are flaws, because there are nature variable which we can't control. All the best !