Monday, March 31, 2014

The journey: life emergency kit

There's a certain idea about life possession, and how tight we are to it.
My questions/ answers about it are very ordinary, and probably random or shallow...
Probably (if you've read some of my other thoughts) you will think that this pseudo-analysis
is more from the same..... but there are some details though.

a) What is important in life? (what values should you truly cherish?)
b) How patient you are, to accept your human condition?
c) Is it worth to be unhappy if you are healthy?
d) Too many distractions make you unfocused?
e) Where do your focus should be pointed at?

I think that it is consensual that our lives are fragile and brief, and of course its up to us
to decide how to manage our seconds in this time lapse. So, life can be an opportunity
if  perhaps health, luck and preparation meet together in a certain moment;
By marketing books, we are taught or at least impeled to live the moment and appreciate
all the goodies that we possible can or even cannot....

Answering (it really depends on so many things; i'll try to stick to the average, and add a personal view )

a) your priorities will determine the importance for it;
for instance all your main connection, relations/ creations and dreams should be cherished.
(meanwhile don't forget to keep in shape mentally and physically!)

b) Patience is one of those characteristics that can gives you clearness,
and also time to think about, and perhaps an opportunity to make things
relative... patience to do, listen, to learn, to wait, observe and enjoy.

c) To be happy and embrace life as it moves forward in time, will be contagious, to you
and the others that deal with you. (spread happiness, you'll receive happiness).
If you think there's no reason to be happy, then try to relativize (as i stated before)

d) Sometimes we think we are in such a rush, that we are not able to absorb any more information,
but if you consider to have a good 2nd thought, then you'll probably realize that most of that
information or occupation, is rubbish and don't even make part of your priorities... the ones that
can make you really happy.

e) Focus what you enjoy, probably this step we'll take you right to the first one a)

in sum, i know that we lack some seconds .... but .... one day at a time.

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