Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Education (bad and good)

How does the education influence or determines habits and behaviours in a future,
namely in the labor market?
does it comes randomly along your all life or does it grows and then matures by itself, and becomes
obsolete as time passes?

Perhaps its a mix of variables that determines this equation result (at least is my opinion)
Really it seems not easy to define methods that are consistent through times and specially
that follows our evolution as a society. It appears to be the information (since we are at that era) that
now, for instance, commands the destinys of education, since is a strong surrounding environment  variable.
If you go back in 80's and were a teenager at that time (or search 80's info ah ah ah ) probably you'll check that your surrounding behaviours were the connections with people, and experiences that you had ( teachers, family, working, home .... ).
If you hopefully have had good teachers or mentors (or even if life for itself taught you) during your path, then probably the odds of getting a "bright" professional future increase greatly. Then what? - you may ask... well, then you'll influence even grately the ones that come behind you, mentoring them as well....

So, who in the world as taught this in power generation of people, that seem to be so unaware of what citizens wants?????, (besides themselves of course) meaning: requirements, desires......

oh by the way.... educated people are not so easy to control.... Pixies at "trompe le mond" album in Umass track have a peculiar vision about it...

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Max Coutinho said...

Hey G,

Education per se is not much (i.e. getting one's High school diploma, then graduate from college, then obtaining a Masters and then PhD) if not accompanied with experiences and culture. Of course having a proper education helps but it is not everything. Not in today's world.

You go to a job interview and they will ask you things that fall outside the scope of your college education and if you do not know, you won't be hired (despite all the books read and papers written).

So, I would agree with you when you suggest that we must have a continued education, beyond a school system. Like the old adage says, we are eternal students.

Great reflection, G.