Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Recruiting new leaders - contact our World HR dtp.

New leaders wanted here.

After important and massive lay off World Institution, citizens are calling for new leaders:

Minimal requirements
=> Planet earth resident
=> Masters in country and citizens management or similar; 
=> Knowledge in citizens requirements/desires compulsory
=> Experience in life a real world contact
=> Good foresight and negotiation skills
=> Self motivated and world team worker
=> Strategy inspiring builder 
=> (No scam, corruption, or similar allowed )

we would Offer: 
=> Immediate start in a future vision world institution
=> Other conditions to be negotiated upon evidenced experience and  knowledge. 

Please send your CV to apply.


sound from extreme, always up to date....


Max Coutinho said...

Hey G,

LOL LOL LOL loved it!
Very good post and thank you for the laughter!

Now, must our leaders really be earth residents? :)


GALLARDO said...

Hi Max thx for crossing by!

perhaps you're right.... they could be outer space.... (just in case!)

all the best