Saturday, October 18, 2014

searching for intelligence signs.....

"After  (....) years of searching the skies for signs of intelligence beyond Earth..." 
- ah ah ah- this is too presumptuous....try to find any in earth first .... that would be an hard challenge!
All of this media fanaticism and pseudo regulated markets.... there is hardly a way to escape from the so called modern society's web.

Citizens-Interest Groups,Lobbying - Politics - Laws - Citizens

this closed circuit trends to lead to few persons interests.... which might not be representative, but still somehow legitim. 
This circuit could be in did, a good thing if you considered that the intentions  of these groups were "pure", or at least far from egocentric needs and feels.

Its like taking our own medic prescription knowing that the side effects are no good. So, how to introduce true values at this well oiled gear machine? Are there so many blind sheeps, that simply prefer to accept their path as dogmatic with no alternative? ("please, cheat me 'cause i like it so badly"!) Or are citizens just so arrogant to the point to think that they own the truth and dominate all info already available.....

evolution is a strange way to cross by, but ignore it, is even stranger....


Max Coutinho said...

Ciao G,

This world is too chaotic as we speak. Too many terror attacks, too many threats, too much death and violence...somebody is profiting from it, no doubt.


GALLARDO said...

HI MAx thx 4 the comment!
Calling this ....(as) humanity it would be perhaps too much... but thats what we are human (actually it could be also an excuse for all that is wrong)..... one more than other...!
all the best.