Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Saviour - Salvador

 Incredible how an unlikely hero took Europe for the colar an enchanted all over. I m speaking about Salvador Sobral who have won eurovision song contest. Me as many other, i suppose, didnt saw that coming..... so didn't he.  All in all was a good win. Love won so did originality.  Interesting portuguese last weekend. Like a planet alignment,  Portugal filled its ego and pride with Pope Francis visit to Fátima, Benfica soccer team championship winning, and Salvador song winning . ....  poor but rather happy..... 😊

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Pen

Everything is beeing written about this last debate between Mdm Le Pen and Mr Macron;
In fact this is the ultimate substancial, meaningful and influential happening to EUROPE .

The last debate was clarifying, as for the two candidate positions concerns about. Though existing lots of demagogic issues by both of the speeches, Mr Macron showed lot more preparation and confidence,wich was a surprise for me, given the age of the candidate 39 (if he's ellected makes him the youngest; younger than Napoleon 40). He fought hard, not that the expected positions of Mdm Le Pen were to dificult to argue, but because mostly they are empty ones (as her speech went essentialy to close boards and deal with terrorism actions), and also to really make a clear stand for what he deffeends. Metaphorically she was crawling, while he was running for power.
I believe Europe will be in better hands with a moderate President....and with a new inspirational profile.

So this next Sunday, unless there's an wildcard, no surprises expected.