Friday, October 20, 2017

Fire them up

Last weekend saw my country burn by the flames.
(also been affected, and retained for one week day during a travel )
No possible words for the tragedy.

Politically i would comment that no one can pay the suffer of the mourning families, friends etc
more than 40 souls perished at the hands of incompetent, unprepared decision and law makers.
Any of the disappeared ones were much worth than those playing deciders.
Such deciders should undergo in a criminal law suit investigation.
You simply can't resume a political posture during such a tragic events, citizens don't need to ear that.
governments serve their citizens and not the opposite.

Wildfires in Portugal ? come on ... please investigate the true winners of the fires and start to apply laws to prevented to earn from it. For instance (not only but also)
educate often
wood price control,
not one piece of burned wood should be sold to processing industry
apply reforestation policies for the paper/ processing industry
professionalize fire fighters under the state umbrella,
preventive action on surveillance (automatic scanning drones - aerial and terrestrial)
private aerial means ending (planes and choppers)
army means availability

let us expect that hurricanes or earthquakes just don't ever occur here.
Catastrophes are unpredictable, so human stupidity.

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