Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Human Inquisitor

Since ages, we're trying to defy human conditions in all its variables.
This means, in substance, that our ego doesn't allow us to simply stay put.
So probably there's some kind of balance condition where we need solve and overcome certain obstacles. (being that, physical, emotional or sociological)
At the end people are what they are, there no big surprises if an atitude comes out from the blue,
because there's always the human condition escape goat.
"And what about the rulles of society ?"
And what about the jungle rules? wich one prevails over a persons head?;
Could we be so selfish to impose everyones a "Human Condition " hence behaviour pattern?
It looks like there are lots of people that want to follow that imposed fashioned vision;
And what would be the truth of it and who owns it?
Perhaps world is distracted but we are all rats in big cage.... that decreases its size every day.

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