Monday, March 23, 2020

How did a 100 nm thing put us in a brink.

- stay safe

I think that above all we have been living on the brink;
This is just a metaphor of our lives; and that all matters even the tiniest things (or specially those ones).
In the matter of prospective and "foresighters", these could be interpreted as an wildcard ( with a little probability to happen); - thinking about the card that has the joker laughing....

We have to look at ourselves and will have to make it different, as individuals and society;
These evolution state will make us pain and difficult decisions to hold.

The fact (as Gates stated some years ago in TED talks 2014 i believe ) we are not prepared... why? because we were to busy to economic theories fulfillment not giving the proper location/ place ... to us all i.e. we have misused our resources to reach to results, efficiency but not for our own safety (same goes for other human stupidity actions - nuclear, nukes, chemical weaponry, war ); In our own society terms, governments have that power to change and to impact for the better or worse... but citizens have the power to change them also, so...
Its not a matter of political ideology - because unfortunately that has leads here, its a matter of our own species survival, and what we should do about it.

Remember people is the only reason that we own a society, otherwise is just an "un"metaphoric jungle.... in some future.... perhaps .... balance

- stay safe

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