If you are willing to climb a mountain, make sure you know your way down
Facebook is a story about a fantasy island
When you think you're about to win something, humbly embrace it.

Nuke = non uniform knowledge echoes

If you have a place in the Sun for a Gun, you're a Son of a Gun.

Buzz words.... Aldrin (homage)
Sound bites ... my ears.
Truth is a distant view of paradise

Earth is like humans.... sometime shakes down in order to balance.
If there's nothing else to loose, don't loose yourself.

Catastrophes are unpredictable, so human stupidity.

IoT - Intelligence out There | Index of Thick
People have been caught by the web and now feel like they're in the cloud.
People are consuming drones.... they're "droning".


Comment on Dutch  elections: "oh Land .... oh Land"
EU won't have turkey, maybe it's chiken.
EU it's on the edge of a fund... twenty something lone stars.
Can't wait for tomorrow, have a meeting with the day after
If time has gone,  just go on
You can't bring life back, if you give your back to life.
Emotions are reason's collateral damages.
There's no reason besides the truth.

People have many faces...just face it.

Without heart there's no art.

Brands are ego lighthouses.
The edge of narcissism: Trumposphere

Cold in Europe is worse at its heart.
Ideal - inconstant deal

little actions big achievements

words are random rain drops

real politics are like unfulfilled dreams

actions are your mind suit

if trouble is on the way, change you lane


If there are low lives, why there aren't  high lives.


  • Human lives have no price... at least in this catalog.
  • Cycles are so fast that same events appear to be new.
  •  Economy can produce the worst juice from squeezing citizens,
  •  Empires are another season, they fall.
  •  If i'm no one, who's anyone?

  •  If music plays there is still hope.
  •  We hardly have right to be or not to be

  • Snowden is a menace... specially to himself
  • there are no right answers to GODs questions
  • Banks are pigs lunch mud feast. (my apologies to the animal)
  •   Nicolas caerá de Maduro
  • In war there's nothing to negotiate
  • There are no rules in the dreamland kingdom
  • If logic fails is Boole's fault?
  • marketing is the consumption metaphor
  • inner voice is always too loud

  • isn't pain a life metaphor?
  • remember to forget
  • my time is forever
  • ctrl + c, ctrl + v= no control
  • thinking is a challenge 
  • inspire to aspire


  • No lottery, no life.
  • There isn't a definite truth
  • Our eyes open secret minds
  • If life is magic, we're kind of magicians
  • No doubt about nothing
  • Sky and stars can always give you guiding answers
  • Wonders are wherever you look
  • Mind games are next challenges
  • Skin is just a coating

  • Tension = Force over Area .... if  there's no area, tension gets to infinit
  • We all been blamed
  • If life's a blow, then  keep inspiring.


  • ISIS: Insanity Sums Insanity State
  • what did ISIS members said in Casablanca? "we'll always have Paris" (dark verbose: please forgive my own stupidity)
  •  The singing voice is always more emotional than a talking one.
  • Cell Phone can't compete with Human Cell
  • If there's peace, there's creativity.
  • Hide and seek describe power games.
  • If power equals resistance times square current intensity .... stop being so square...!
  • If power equals tension times current intensity .... don't follow the current...!

  • wind is like words in politics mouth
  • culture should be embraced has an economic engine.
  • financial system is a spider web where citizens are like naive flies
  • power has an autonomous life
  • hypocrisy became a value

  • think beyond your knowledge
  • eyes are soul scanners
  • tiredness for achievement
  • endeavor to achieve 

  • mad cow disease, chicken flu, fish greed....
  • broccoli are disguised sausages.
  • breathe and store the air.
  • steaks are in stake

  • (politics usual speech)

- Blá blá blá?
- Blá blá blá!
- Blá blá blá.
- Blá blá blá ....

  • Divergences are just triggers to evolution.
  • Time is an unbeatable warrior.

  • companies relations are easy in XX categories, i.e. almost porn, by systemic double crossing
  • milkshake.... handshake
  • there are plenty of fish in the sea..... the sea is polluted.
  • if you can't ride an horse, override it.
  • if words don't come easy, write an email. 
  • markets: cash in as fast and as much as you can.

  • logic thought is easily crossed by random ones
  • If it sounds weird, try another music tone.
  • Dream is not an illusion, but a reality to fulfill.
    • right and left wings can't fly one without the other.
    • EU (II) = educated unsatisfied
    • I've had many coaches, teachers, and trainers... best wisdom still came from my father.
    • one of the best movies would be our dreams

    • train enough to spread your wisdom
    • if need a hand, train your heart
    • think but not too much, otherwise you'll be another Rodin statue.
      • produce your own seeds
      • if  heart is pumping thoughts, make some analysis. 
      • if you seek the truth, be true.

      • NRA - No Rules Arcade
      • Luckily we'll have long journeys, never walk alone.
        • Sometimes we get old.
        • Live your sadness happily
        • We are the shadow that we allow to.
          • Mind games for Olympics.
          • Lowering guards is halfway to be invaded (starting in your brain)
          • Religion can be a coin of many faces.
          • If someone wants to Put in,  they'll to face Us
          • A true shoulder is one that fits your head.

          • News are old.
          • Global war /were / wore/ whore/ wor(ming)/ war(ming)
          • Refugees crisis usually are mainly caused by war. Act in the cause.
          • FIFA should have trained better its "kicks". 
          • Stephen Hawking: "people must leave earth to survive" - lets start with some politicians, market rulers... etc.
          • Pope in the US: "... land of free and brave" and show! - go Francis
          • "My Kingdom for a horse" - My Kingdom for a bigger one.
          • World needs citizen needs
          • EU sweeping:  need for new cleaning staff.
          • Emerging markets still under water.
          • PIGS are still on the mud (on markets)
          • VW is a beetle
          • beetlejuice are smashed VW stocks
          • if feelings can be programmed, one day Deep Blue will let humans Chess win.
          • transcendence is a spiritual path, it never ends.
          • idolatry is a mere over trans ego exercise
          • heart is really a time bomb.
          • in the time of manipulation, stay original, it will pay.
          • consciousness light weight has no price
          • while in Rome, be .... there
          • madness is all over, and i'm not mad, i'm just another insane.


          • You'll never know the stars, if you at least don't observe them.
          • Our call is earth call.
          • Values are not for sale.... but honesty have had big discounts....


          • No pressure that can't be handled, except some atmospheres....
          • Migrants? really? in a same world?
          • Fence is just another ego constrain form.

          • If you sell, keep your soul untouched
          • marketing: need the unneeded
          • 1kg of emotional sales...please

          • "Circus's in town...."  "oh bro ...another political campaign"
          • Politics should lie sometimes...
          • Abstention is the political beach (yes, with sun and all...).


          • Latest fairy tales: the (usual) headlines
          • Never return to the start, just restart.
          • If you think you ought to fly, better get a parachute.

          • Family  can always be a big umbrella.
          • The "friendly" bite venom is a virus stripe. 
          • There's no other way, than yours.


          • heart is your guide and pace
          • feel tired, feel alive
          • a ladder is a vertical path, change your perspectives.


          • somewhere in the world "because we are lack of water", meanwhile in the same world "because we are lack of credit- linked structured notes".
          • send food, not weapons
          • citizen's loss instead of markets loss? pls...


          • (migrants) what is more valuable or worth? an oil leak or human leak?
          • international agendas should focus mankind
          • topless protests: agree and support  (get in shape you protesters!!!)


          • economically and financially : don't trust what you can't see 
          • dragons really spit fire
          • increase education, increase awareness

          • if no one has the truth.... where is it?
          • personal marketing is the striker in a soccer game
          • my tag is myself

          • experiment having no phone network sign
          • see your future by your own eyes
          • if you run, remember to  stretch .

          • life is a big home to be endlessly furnished.
          • expect unexpected - (e.u. - European union)
          • don't wait for the worse to happen, or it will probably do.

          • It doesn't make any sense to give subliminal messages, if you don't understand the subject.
          • Choosing between rudeness and politeness is at a fraction of a second  
          • Behind the phone everyone is a Lion. 

          • There will always be good friends.
          • If you think air weight is unbearable, try to breath under water.
          • Drive yourself into your best life moments


          • Men has no enemies but itself.
          • There will be a day that we won't have to remember
          • Double L: Listen and Learn

          • men is defined by its coherent action.
          • walk the street and think nothing
          • train yourself breathing, air can turn into a commodity 


          • Unless you really look, the eyes are closed books.
          • Even the greatest orchestra as a maestro
          • Limited minds, limited actions


          • There's no such thing as friendly fire...
          • Societies became like phantom drifting boats: Who's the captain?
          • Markets burden, burden of Markets


          • Laugh is energy, renewable one as long as you in-light yourself.
          • If there's a world out there, where do we live in?
          • Stress can be your ultimate trigger to achieve something more.


          • Innovation means that there's always something to be done.
          • Creativity in all, all in creativity,
          • Words are just that.  Take them into the playground.


          • Sometimes swimming pools are not big enough to deal over sized egos
          • Miró paintings have been done mostly when he was 2 years old.
          • Sometimes you need to crawl, just to get a new perspective.


          • Feeling deep sleep is a warning, listen your body.
          • Nothing like thin smoke salmon and fine champagne (malvasia fina)
          • Peace of mind is an illusion earned at birth.


          • truth was a second ago...
          • If there's emotional stress, try physical distress.
          • If there's no hurt, there's no sacrifice


          • silence is the moment to understand.... don't take to long.
          • if there are fiscal paradises, does that make divinities tax collectors?
          • refuse to be a number


          • even the greatest picture has pixels....
          • if you keep looking back to the mirror, you'll not see traffic ahead.
          • awareness is the path for reason.


          • if you're about to foreign travel remember your're an ambassador (at least of yourself)
          • sadness and love are just an artist diet.
          • in a dark night of shadows, the shimmering pale one couldn't be necessarily another shadow...


          • there are things that just meant to be.... except war, diseases, irs, corruption, greed, Trump's hair.... 
          • grown people help children ... grow, children help them to learn and understand.
          • To decide or not, both produce consequences; with which you live better?


          • One (black) sheep doesn't mean all herd.
          • Work for peace, live in peace.
          • The "I " cult has never been so dense, its time to move from "selfientology".


          • Follow your own dream, or it will chase you.
          • We are in a brief journey, watch (at least once) sunset with a glass of Portuguese red wine.
          • You shouldn't wear a suit in the jungle, so adapt.


          • lost civilizations teach us many things, one is that no empire lasts forever
          • at night everyone's ceiling is the same, stars are always there.
          • it's not because of the splendor of Venice masks that everyone should wear one,


          • No one owns the truth, but truth can make prisoners....
          • Kisses can be self driven extreme body extensions.
          • weekend thoughts are too relaxed, - "don't let them fool ya"


          • stats are like flavours: every day there's a new one and there will be someone who will enjoy it.
          • the hardest mountain to climb is the one called "U"
          • rules are ice blocks in the cup of fresh creativity


          • Luck is a paradise, most of the times is a mirage .... you just can't rely on it.
          • Citizens belong to the World and World isn't an organization,
          • "Get to the basics...." - why not? Homer Simpson does it.... " Hmmmm food"


          • Many miles make many thoughts, listen to your path.
          • Patience and hope live together a long ago, don't push the luck....
          • Innovation is the art to learn and translate our own nature desire..


          • People are like in a Stress-Load/ Deformation graphic:  elastic, plastic and hit rupture.
          • Producing wealth doesn't mean producing value,
          • Maths study numbers, sociology studies persons..... really!
          • If you don't who you are, tell other to tell you.


          • Life's a wind blow; how will weather be tomorrow?
          • The noisy early morning bird carving knives whistling sounds bring me back the silence of the undiscussed.
          • Words are like back tails flickering in the deep of my thoughts.



          Max Coutinho said...

          Ciao G,

          Your grey cells have been busy.
          I like the EU deconstruction: Expect Unexpected. Spot on.


          Gallardo Santini said...

          :) Hi Max thx for crossing by the wording corner !
          though i don't like the EU deconstruction... its a fact....
          eh eh eh
          all the best