Monday, March 23, 2020

How did a 100 nm thing put us in a brink.

- stay safe

I think that above all we have been living on the brink;
This is just a metaphor of our lives; and that all matters even the tiniest things (or specially those ones).
In the matter of prospective and "foresighters", these could be interpreted as an wildcard ( with a little probability to happen); - thinking about the card that has the joker laughing....

We have to look at ourselves and will have to make it different, as individuals and society;
These evolution state will make us pain and difficult decisions to hold.

The fact (as Gates stated some years ago in TED talks 2014 i believe ) we are not prepared... why? because we were to busy to economic theories fulfillment not giving the proper location/ place ... to us all i.e. we have misused our resources to reach to results, efficiency but not for our own safety (same goes for other human stupidity actions - nuclear, nukes, chemical weaponry, war ); In our own society terms, governments have that power to change and to impact for the better or worse... but citizens have the power to change them also, so...
Its not a matter of political ideology - because unfortunately that has leads here, its a matter of our own species survival, and what we should do about it.

Remember people is the only reason that we own a society, otherwise is just an "un"metaphoric jungle.... in some future.... perhaps .... balance

- stay safe

Thursday, April 25, 2019

April 25

Theres a hypocrisy in democracy, theres a democracy in hypocrisy.

We have all made this possible.

wine museum (portugal)

Friday, April 12, 2019

immunity meaning

Julian Assange was arrested at Equadors Embassy facilities; This means that Equador has no (or at least a bogus one) sovereignty  within its yard.  What does this mean for the rest of the world....
Perhaps this is all about immunity system. Misperception. Maybe.

Lets take our lessons.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Thursday, February 14, 2019


Misbelief .... so many planted news nowadays (backstage moves are more significant than mounted media circus) 

"... just 'cause u feel, doesn't mean it's there!"

Hail to Radiohead

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The lost paradise

there's no way a wounded corps wouldn't heal itself (out of blue!) that's why world keep find its own way; as I've pointed previously: with or without us. Surely that we should take action before someone does it for us;
Its so ridiculous,  our belief that we are in charge of something ... at the end we're all passengers of a drifting boat, heading nowhere...

Friday, October 19, 2018

A minority dictatorship

Much have been said (and has been actually a buzz) about how extreme right wing(ers) are getting in power in so many countries. Examples are all over.
Is this a sign of change?
Of democracy?
Or just an assault to a recent past?

Let's get all these mixed up.

We are on the verge to say that minority have an empowered voice given by context circumstances (meaning media and social networks), we may also point out that a new kind of democracy is emerging from the social networks, and that would be the true representativeness of citizens;
E.g. if parties don't exclaim citizens requirements, they try to be heard by other means, and that can be interesting in a certain philosophic way, but could be not considering society rules, laws, constitutions. Somehow it feels like there's a chain link missing somewhere....
We have many examples that parties follow their own agenda besides citizens aspirations, and that can be extremely frustrating to the weakest link : the citizen; Having a distorted weight of its representation; So peoples opinions are diverse  and divided about many subjects, and its easy to follow a trend (even if's fabricated to serve a purpose) - and this is something that is somehow dangerous;
You can have a muscled opinion that arises from "followers"; in a minute at "click" distance. And that muscled opinion evolve to a movement and gets democratically  to power.... you can see where this goes...

So its democratically dangerous power given to something to someone barely randomly;

Yep "the joke has come upon me" @Pixies Nimrods son

Friday, August 24, 2018

Dominó effect

As a general overview for this summer, I would have to say:

Really we are on the verge of challenging changes, and these could be  dramatic ones.
We, as human in general, suffer from the 5 stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance ;
Somehow these, can be randomly taken; In what climate changes concern about, (as a fact) we still are in a denial process  (we can see that something's wrong, but won't do nothing about it); Govs still allow pollution (CO2 emissions), Auto industry deceives govs (manipulating data), and a fuss with info and counter info  ( fake news). Nevertheless when everyone thought that it would be "thing" to deal in 100 years; The problems are here now to deal with;

Some of breaking facts : Sweden with wildfires and temperatures of 35 and more ºC. (better temperatures than south European space.) Deers drinking in pair with humans
Huge fires in US,  Greece, Portugal, Spain ....Aussie drought... its all over...

Earth survived to cataclysmic events and found its own pace across billions of years; We are just a side effect, a needle in haystack;  At the end earth will find its own balance, with or without human beings.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Human Inquisitor

Since ages, we're trying to defy human conditions in all its variables.
This means, in substance, that our ego doesn't allow us to simply stay put.
So probably there's some kind of balance condition where we need solve and overcome certain obstacles. (being that, physical, emotional or sociological)
At the end people are what they are, there no big surprises if an atitude comes out from the blue,
because there's always the human condition escape goat.
"And what about the rulles of society ?"
And what about the jungle rules? wich one prevails over a persons head?;
Could we be so selfish to impose everyones a "Human Condition " hence behaviour pattern?
It looks like there are lots of people that want to follow that imposed fashioned vision;
And what would be the truth of it and who owns it?
Perhaps world is distracted but we are all rats in big cage.... that decreases its size every day.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Poetry day metaphor

what has been yesterday
can be another way
as relative as speed of light
with no one out of  the sight
the same story is old
where the search
is only for a context
where truth seems gold.
so above this word lake
under a same puzzled sky
drew in light blue fake
washed away in dark paint
where souls pray and faint
there is reason of some kind
but maybe i'm so wrong
or maybe i'm so wright
just a trick of my mind
another beam of an Architect's light.

Gallardo (as for the Poetry day personal contribution)

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Hawking - over physic

Stephen Hawking - Unbelievable great mind; Which beyond his QI
gave much people a lesson of resilience and achievement.
Pay my homage here.
In a time where there are so much means, and everything's 
has less meaning, despite words pouring everywhere, communication is key
we get along in this "small" planet.

Though "there's a silence surrounding me"

"make sure we keep talking..." - Stephen Hawking @Pink Floyd keep talking The Division Bell

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"Sun" of a gun

There's some kind of shadow in the exterior acts that, as a both way cynicism, keep randomly appearing. These grey areas that developed countries like to ignore, are, in my opinion, just human affairs, pretending what they want, when (redundantly) in reality our own reality just don't allows us to be otherwise. (dissimulation, cynicism, backstage maneuvers)
From ancient times we just live by war affair; Firstly, by our own inner fight that keep clashing when facing real world. Such struggle, just end with the release of the beast: our true nature;
Are we just beasts that occasionally have some head wind blow, and try to balance the dichotomy of  fire, fury and harmony?
It doesn't matter rather to live in balance if that means that we can't preserve our own kind. That simply doensn't makes sense. If we are war bodies, we are in the same way truce messengers.
So many lives lost every day by the easiness of gun purchase... and that is governments and their leaders fault; only; The place in the SUN for GUNS should end.
We just can't live by the fascism of our nature.
BTW Is also our nature to think.

today the Lyon is at sleep
see how proud he is
with calm he tries to keep

look at his gold fur
smooth as the litle feather
that laid just in front
no story to tell
just pity found
and the world in a shell
with eyes around

today such quietude is vain
see how lucky we are
to always be insane
to have gone so far
to dream and restrain.
(Gallardo Santini)

Thursday, February 8, 2018


I've occasionally came across some thought of this  large metaphor which search engines are in.
Human race since the beginning of times, tried to find answers, to their inquietude and with it, go further.
So it makes the web based search engines, the human extensions means to get the answers, of such unsatisfactory endless search.

Actually someone could name search engines, Dissatisfaction  Repository (DIREP) .... not quite appealing though.... 😏.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Lost in noise

Still so much noise around us, when all we need is just ....
who's entitled to know what you need ? marketeers? Opinion makers? political leaders?
Give me a break! whats the latest trend? "that's what you need"
The need is something raw and innate; There's the need for survival, as a basic starting point, then everything just seem superfluous. Our thoughts are just bombed with poison that mostly are  decoys for what one should be looking for (whatever that is!!!). There's that saying that goes like "the one that keep searching for something will probably loose itself.
Accepting life as the true gift, will probably lead to freedom and awareness; one can come out more focused and released from the smashing sounds all around. (silence can be unbearably noisy also)

Friday, January 12, 2018

Life mistery is Beck?

Wonder if there's a mystery in life.
There are so many secrets, shadows, unknown roads;
Some riddles defy our imagination, put us even over the edge of it.
Lately seems that there's a trend to what i consider a lack of imagination hence a lack of mystery;
Suddenly everyone's knows everything (which in my point of view, it could be good for the society's awareness point of view ) knowing the shape, color,  smell and even flavor of an Apple, does it define what can possibly be done with it?

There's a trend for mass consumption for stupidity, and a convergence for the "equal", yes being Global is just like this; Its a "new" dictatorial paradigm, controlled by intermedia (internet + media), pushed my marketing means right into the citizens eyes.

So being original and creative means necessarily what ?-  if it mostly depends on the citizens aspirations, requirements and they're all seem to want the same?

Don't have an objective answer for it, because democracy reveals during the times by so many ways....ah ah ah: Global democracy limits seem to be dictated by citizens which  by the way make them arrested!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Fire them up

Last weekend saw my country burn by the flames.
(also been affected, and retained for one week day during a travel )
No possible words for the tragedy.

Politically i would comment that no one can pay the suffer of the mourning families, friends etc
more than 40 souls perished at the hands of incompetent, unprepared decision and law makers.
Any of the disappeared ones were much worth than those playing deciders.
Such deciders should undergo in a criminal law suit investigation.
You simply can't resume a political posture during such a tragic events, citizens don't need to ear that.
governments serve their citizens and not the opposite.

Wildfires in Portugal ? come on ... please investigate the true winners of the fires and start to apply laws to prevented to earn from it. For instance (not only but also)
educate often
wood price control,
not one piece of burned wood should be sold to processing industry
apply reforestation policies for the paper/ processing industry
professionalize fire fighters under the state umbrella,
preventive action on surveillance (automatic scanning drones - aerial and terrestrial)
private aerial means ending (planes and choppers)
army means availability

let us expect that hurricanes or earthquakes just don't ever occur here.
Catastrophes are unpredictable, so human stupidity.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Terrorism emptiness

Terror has been spreaded once again.
Europe will resist and fight back.
No matter where danger is .
We will never give up to terrorism.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Saviour - Salvador

 Incredible how an unlikely hero took Europe for the colar an enchanted all over. I m speaking about Salvador Sobral who have won eurovision song contest. Me as many other, i suppose, didnt saw that coming..... so didn't he.  All in all was a good win. Love won so did originality.  Interesting portuguese last weekend. Like a planet alignment,  Portugal filled its ego and pride with Pope Francis visit to Fátima, Benfica soccer team championship winning, and Salvador song winning . ....  poor but rather happy..... 😊

Friday, May 5, 2017

The Pen

Everything is beeing written about this last debate between Mdm Le Pen and Mr Macron;
In fact this is the ultimate substancial, meaningful and influential happening to EUROPE .

The last debate was clarifying, as for the two candidate positions concerns about. Though existing lots of demagogic issues by both of the speeches, Mr Macron showed lot more preparation and confidence,wich was a surprise for me, given the age of the candidate 39 (if he's ellected makes him the youngest; younger than Napoleon 40). He fought hard, not that the expected positions of Mdm Le Pen were to dificult to argue, but because mostly they are empty ones (as her speech went essentialy to close boards and deal with terrorism actions), and also to really make a clear stand for what he deffeends. Metaphorically she was crawling, while he was running for power.
I believe Europe will be in better hands with a moderate President....and with a new inspirational profile.

So this next Sunday, unless there's an wildcard, no surprises expected.

Friday, April 21, 2017


French elections are here.... in three days...
an act of terrorism snicked, and messed up the statistics.
what to think?
will be terrorism part of our european major decisions or strategic paths etc.
could be terrorism only a politic and economic agenda, serving diverse purposes with no head but multiple tentacles ?

surely that europeans should be aware, and really care for their sovereignty;
 for that it would be necessary a common strategy where most of the citizens identify themselves with such strategy.... but primarily it must be nurtured, matured, talk , cemented- (these to prepare and to aware).

where will be the next... election?

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

No info = ninfo (satiriasis)?

Nowadays, there is so much info that easily anyone gets puzzled, or with at least a doubtless opinion :)
so many information sources, so many opinion makers, so many words.....and what about its speed, range, subjects ...arghhhh
Its really insane, trying to understand what is really going on; One says one thing, the other say other.  One know that is a ruthless batlle to take a  side on the way.

Lets take Siria.... how ,much of the recent images are propaganda? but i'm not a journalist, nor an influent person that should get news first.

Fake images, videos, politicians...etc
So,  information is the set of logic facts that have really ocurred within a context. Most of the times there are different pillar power that lead the info to take personal advantages.

i have 2 metaphors for these freak show...
one is sex;  like (possibly) a sex addicted person , you just can't get enough of it (either imposed by the marketing means, or by exacerbated self awareness/ consciousness)
the other one
as fire works....almost everyone likes to look the sky to the color pallete;
just don't try to pick up the canes while they still launching them.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

jeroen dijsselbloem - gesundheit!

Mr. jeroen dijsselbloem,
Though i understand that lack of air under water can damage brain cells, i can't understand your statment about southern eu countries, besides being a side effect. Maybe your space cake wasnt well digested because of the red light that blinks in your eyes. 

You are what you say.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

The strange case of Dr Donald and Mr Trump

Doesn't matter much who is who  really...  maybe there's another one.  One day you sign executive  orders affecting the whole world, other you comment reality shows, and other you tweet... a lot... about your daughter business .... white house should have white pilow room with a great wall around it..... execute one single order : resign.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


This is my bet fr the Oscars; Great Performance and film; Matt Damon will have to wait for a next time.... though it might also deserve but all in all .... the roughness in printed at this "revenant" is trully a must! go on!