Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The age of the wheel

A new age aproaches at speed light, a new wheel
has started its path;
I thought that our triggers were slighlty different;
Its really amazing that we fight every single day
to get things easy, but, instead, the results show
us a completely diferent pattern;
We have the hability to complicate everything, (and thats easy to do)
Our litle world is complex ruled by simple priciples;
I think theres a need to go complex in order to get it
simple, after.
So my question is: if we want to get simple, why do we must to waste
so much energy following a twisted path???
So nahive....


Max said...

Ciao G!

Ma quanto tempo fa!!! :D Bentornato al blogosphere!

This is a great question and let me try to answer it: I don't think that we wish to get simple (I am not even sure if we are capable of getting simple), I think that we wish to know how to cope with complexity which in turn is a quite complex thing to do.
Humans crave for simplicity but little do they know that there is no such thing as simplicity (i.e. what we view as being simple is many times extremely complex, and parfois more complex than complexity itself), for our own existence, our own creation was not simple at all!
Why do we seem to waste energy following a twisted path? Because those who follow the twisted path are the ones who are destined to follow it; it is because they have things to learn during the crossing of the twisted path; and if they do not get distracted by life diversions they may very well cross it safely and then reach the apparent simplicity.
If one looks within the answer to the complex simplicity lies within us. We bear the key!

My dear friend; I missed your articles already!
I hope your return is a lasting one for the blogosphere is not the same without you :)!


Aysa said...

Nice seeing u writing again... nice topic... best of luck